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Corporate Compliance Program

Promoting a Culture of Integrity and Ethical Behavior

What is corporate compliance?

It is a program which supports North Sunflower Medical Centers Commitment to follow standards of conduct which insure we are in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.


How do I recognize compliance issues in the workplace?

Here are some common examples of compliance issues / behaviors that all employees need to know:

  • Never read another employee’s medical record without permission   
  • Never use another person’s password to access confidential information  
  • Always provide complete medical documentation for services performed  
  • Only bill for tests performed  
  • Only discuss a patient’s condition with those involved in the patient’s care


Why is compliance important to me?

Compliance affects us all. As an employee of North Sunflower Medical Center, you are expected to:

  • Carry out your job duties with integrity and honestly   
  • Learn and understand what laws and regulations apply to your position and comply with those requirements  
  • Exercise good judgment and do the right thing when performing your job  
  • Report suspected compliance violations or errors to Administration at North Sunflower Medical Center


Corporate Compliance Reporting:

(662) 756-2711 Ext: 201 or 202