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Inpatient Rehabilitation

The goal of the inpatient rehabilitation program at North Sunflower Medical Center is to maximize your recovery. Our expert medical rehabilitation team is committed to helping you return to as active and productive a life as possible.
Each person's program is tailored to meet his or her needs by integrating appropriate specialty services as needed with several different disciplines.   The Integrated Approach is listed below:

Integrated Approach

  • Physical therapy (PT) addresses physical deficits from traumatic injuries, repetitive motions or chronic conditions. Physical therapy includes exercise to restore or improve range of motion, muscle strength, posture alignment, breathing patterns, circulation, balance, coordination and endurance. During physical therapy, you will learn to use ambulation equipment if indicated, such as canes, walkers, braces and artificial limbs, and you will be instructed on proper walking techniques.
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) assists you in becoming as independent as possible with your daily activities. These may include dressing, personal hygiene, feeding yourself, getting around your home and community and pursuit of household, work-related or leisure activities. Occupational therapists assist patients and their caregivers in learning how to do familiar tasks in a new way and help make the transition back home and into the community as smooth as possible.
  • Speech and Language Therapy (ST) helps restore speech clarity and improve cognitive functioning, problem solving and memory skills. Appropriate therapeutic interventions are utilized to help patients regain the ability to express and understand wants and needs at simple to complex levels. In addition, speech-language pathologists assist individuals with swallowing disorders to safely eat foods and drink liquids.
  • Our Respiratory Therapist work with patients suffering from either acute or chronic cardiac and respiratory disease. Respiratory practitioners evaluate, treat and assist with diagnosis of respiratory/pulmonary diseases.


Respiratory Therapy Practitioners provide:

  • Hand held nebulizer treatments
  • Aerosol treatments
  • Postural drainage, percussion and cough (CPT)
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
  • Arterial blood gases (ABG)
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Training in breathing exercise
  • Electrocardiography (EKG)
  • Aerosol tents
  • Oxygen saturation monitoring
  • Manage ventilators
  • Rehabilitation Nurse manages complex medical issues, provides ongoing patient/caregiver education, sets goals to maximize independence and establishes plans of care to maintain wellness.
  • Social Workers help you deal with the social, financial, emotional and practical aspects of your condition. They will arrange for your family to observe your therapy and will locate health care resources in your community to help you and your family prepare for discharge.

Our goal is to help patients recover and regain mobility and function lost to strokes, hip fractures, amputations, multiple trauma/fractures, some total joint replacements, neurological disorders, arthritis, and other debilitating conditions.

For more information, to make a referral, or to arrange for a tour, please call (662) 756-1641 or (662) 756-4000.