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The Rehabilitation Process

The rehabilitation process is a combination of pre-screening, assessment, treatment, education and follow-up care. It focuses on the emotional as well as the physical needs of the patient and family.

  • Pre-Admission Screening - Patients can be admitted to the rehabilitation program from home, a hospital or other type of facility. Every potential patient is screened by a member of the rehabilitation team to determine if his or her condition may benefit from a comprehensive rehabilitation program. There is no charge for this evaluation. The Medical Director is responsible for authorizing a patient's admission to the program.
  • Assessment - Upon admission, each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation that takes into consideration his or her medical history and lifestyle. The results of this evaluation, along with the patient's personal goals, are used to create an individual treatment plan. The treatment team meets at regular intervals to discuss each patient's progress and to make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.
  • Treatment - Treatment may focus on ambulation, muscle strengthening and coordination, use of adaptive equipment, independent living skills, cognitive and communicative skills, bowel and bladder management and psychological adjustment.
  • Education - Education is incorporated into every patient's treatment plan. Areas commonly addressed include joint protection, fall prevention, pain management and other vital techniques. An evaluation of the patient's home is available to identify potential risks. Family members are also educated on ways they can assist with their loved one's care and how to access community resources and support groups.
  • Follow-up - Prior to discharge, the rehabilitation team will meet with the patient and family to make sure that the necessary support system will be in place once the patient leaves and to resolve any potential issues. Patients receive follow-up phone calls after discharge to ensure that they are progressing with their recovery and to address any remaining needs.