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Cardiac CTA

North Sunflower Medical Center invested in a new advanced CT Scanner to detect and diagnose cardiovascular disease earlier.

Patients can expect shorter and more definitive exams. Patients and physicians in the region can now access the latest diagnostic imaging technology from Philips Medical Systems. The new Brilliance CT is a computed tomography scanner (sometimes referred to as a “CAT” scan), that produces crisp, detailed images of the body in mere seconds.
Computed tomography is a valuable tool used to help diagnose life-threatening illnesses including cardiovascular disease, the nation’s leading killer. The possibility of discovering heart and vascular disease in an early stage, before the onset of serious symptoms, helps doctors recommend the most effective treatment option and lifestyle changes to patients.
This advance volume coverage CT scanner provides crisp, clear images of the body and helps doctors quickly assess a patient’s risk of coronary heart disease, as well as provide a less invasive diagnostic option.
“Our new CT system offers a great combination of diagnostic precision and patient comfort. It’s a powerful tool in the fight against heart disease that we at North Sunflower Medical Center are pleased to be able to offer to our patients and surrounding communities.”