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What is Swingbed?

Swingbed is a subacute program for Medicare patients who are ready for discharge under Medicare criteria but need a little extra care before they go home.  You will remain in a regular hospital bed on the Swingbed Unit.  Rehabilitative services are the primary focus behind the Swingbed mission, although some patients come for brief medical management. With a focus on rehabilitative services, offered 7 days a week up to 3 hours a day, the swingbed unit also offers brief medical management. While in the unit, patients remain in regual hospital beds. Dr. Don Blackwood, the Swingbed Medical Director, maintains a close clinical consultation with patients' attending physicians and oversees quality patient care. Involvement of patient's family and caregivers is encourged, as it it an integral part of achieving the highest standard of care

Swingbed Mission:

The Swingbed mission is functional restoration of both physical and psychological being to achievement of the highest level of functional improvement within the constraints of resources available to the patient.

  • The Swingbed Medical Director is Dr. Don Blackwood. The Medical Director will maintain close clinical consultation with the attending physician.
  • Our Swingbed Director is Brad Cooper. The Swingbed Medical Director directs the weekly interdisciplinary team meeting to oversee quality patient care.
  • Patient, family/caregiver, involvement is an integral part to achieve the highest standard of care.

 NSMC Swing Bed Admission Criteria for Wounds.pdf

NSMC Swingbed Pre-Admission Checklist.pdf

Contact Information:

Mary Helen Wasson, RN
Swingbed Case Manger
(662) 756-1647

Neil Kimbrell, LCSW
Social Services Director
(662) 756-1729

Brad Cooper, MOT, OTR/L, CEAS
Swingbed Director
(662) 756-1627